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Seat­ing Plan

A Seat­ing Plan is a dia­gram or a set of writ­ten instruc­tions that deter­mines where peo­ple should take their seats at an Event. Seat­ing plans have a wide range of pur­poses. At Wed­ding Recep­tions espe­cially, they are used to avoid chaos, con­fu­sion and to have your guests seated in an orga­nized man­ner. Seat­ing Plans also help to :-

  • Intro­duce guests to each other and cre­ate dia­logue or healthy conversations
  • Min­i­mize the time it takes for guests to be seated
  • Avoid per­sons being asked to move and sit elsewhere
  • Min­i­mize Cou­ples split­ting up
  • Min­i­mize unin­vited guests sit­ting at seats reserved for invited guests


Seat­ing Plan must be sim­ple and effec­tive. Two easy ways are:-

  1. CRE­ATE A SEAT­ING CHART. …….Take a piece of paper, write the names of your indi­vid­ual tables as a head­ing, exam­ple TABLE #1, then below, write the names of the per­sons to be seated at TABLE # 1. Do the same for TABLE # 2, TABLE # 3 until you have cov­ered all your guests’ tables. You will need to find out from your Wed­ding Plan­ner how many per­sons to be seated at each Table. Dis­play your Seat­ing Chart at your Wed­ding Reception’s Wel­come Table. When your guests arrive, they will view the Seat­ing Chart, see at which table they are seated and pro­ceed to or be escorted to that table.
  2. CRE­ATE SEAT­ING CARDS…….You will need 1 card for each of your guests. Write the name of each of your guests and the table assigned on each card. Exam­ple Mr. John Brown – Table # 1. In the case of a cou­ple, write Mr. & Mrs. John Brown – Table #1. Dis­play cards on your Wel­come Table. On your guest’s arrival, he or she will pick up the card bear­ing his or her name, take it to the table assigned, and place card at his or her cho­sen seat. YOU CAN DIS­PLAY YOUR SEAT­ING CHART OR CARDS IN STYLES TO REFLECT YOUR STYLE OR THEFOR­MAL­ITY OF YOUR WEDDING.



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