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10 Steps to Choos­ing Your Wed­ding Location

Choos­ing a wed­ding loca­tion can be as easy as 1−2−3 for some per­sons. While for oth­ers, it is a daunt­ing task which can leave you wish­ing for help. Well help is here with 10 steps to help you choose the per­fect wed­ding day location.

STEP 1……..Choose a loca­tion that you like or even love!!!. Some­where you had envi­sioned where you have always wanted to be mar­ried. Do not choose some­where because your friends love it. Remem­ber this is your wed­ding day, and it should reflect your choices.

STEP 2…….Think prac­ti­cal and within your bud­get. Choose a Venue you can afford. Remem­ber, the venue is just one of your many wed­ding expenses.

STEP 3………Choose a Venue that is acces­si­ble to your guests. The major­ity of your guests should not have to drive 4 or 5 hours to get to your wed­ding. Addi­tion­ally, your guests should not be sub­jected to spend on overnight accom­mo­da­tion in order to attend your wedding.

STEP 4………Choose a venue that can accom­mo­date your dreams. If your dream is to have lots of flow­er­ing plants at your wed­ding, then you may want to look at a Botan­i­cal Gar­den and not a Church.

STEP 5……….Choose a Venue that have proper work­ing facil­i­ties ie. restrooms and proper light­ing. Many per­sons assume that these facil­i­ties are of accept­able stan­dards and are many times dis­ap­pointed on their wed­ding day.

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STEP 6……….When choos­ing an out­door venue, ask about plan B in the event or rain. If there is no plan B, then you must accept that you will pro­vide same, be it a Tent or otherwise.

STEP 7………..Be very clear on the “close off” time for your wed­ding recep­tion. If you want to party until mid­night, ensure that this will be allowed. 

STEP 8………..”The writ­ing is on the wall”. Be care­ful of venues need­ing a paint job, or hav­ing a bad leak or cracked floor­ing. If all these things are vis­i­ble now, they may be still vis­i­ble on your wed­ding day.

STEP 9………..Ask ques­tions, ask ques­tions, ask ques­tions!!!!! Do not assume the answers to what­ever con­cerns you may have. If the wed­ding venue can­not pro­vide you with answers, then it may not be the place you want to do busi­ness with.

STEP 10………Get it in writ­ing!!! Con­fir­ma­tion, promises, pay­ments etc. should be pro­vided to you in writ­ing. Ask for it and ensure that you receive it.


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